How Do You Get Someone to Read Your Email?
February 9, 2013
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Email then and now

I love this meme. I can still hear the AOL sound clip in my mind saying “You’ve Got Mail!” Back then, email was such a phenomenon (especially through AOL), that a film plot with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan was built around the concept. Not long after, email became so common and inundated with spam that most users end up ignoring most messages that come in.

Today, the average open rate for an email is 10%. The average click through rate for music is 2.5% (of the emails that are actually opened).  With social media becoming the “new email,” it is likely that rates for Facebook event invites are close, if not lower.

People seem to find a new trend in communication and then proceed to saturate it with the same poor tactics that gave them low responses to begin with. Here’s the secret: changing the medium won’t improve conversions, clicks, or interest. Changing the message will.

So how do you get someone to read your messages? Whether it is email, snail mail, or Facebook, you’ll want to:

It’s easy to be lazy and simply post the first thing that comes to mind, whether it is an email or a status update. However, take an extra 30-60 seconds to think carefully about it, read it twice, and make sure it gets into the right hands (as opposed to all hands), will improve your levels of engagement with your followers. Get them excited about every one of your updates so that they’ll become excited about what is coming next…rather than treating you as an anonymous, unread message in an ever-growing pile.

So forget the old “If a tree falls in a forest…”

If you send an email, a Facebook post, or a Tweet and nobody has read any of it, did you do anything at all?


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