How do you like your music served? Subscription, Ad-Supported, Pirated or Downloaded Legally...
March 10, 2010
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I believe this year marks the advent of real change for the better within the music industry. It’s not just because the year 2010 is the start of a new decade, or that in 5 years Back to the future II thought we would all have flying cars and hover boards- which I certainly wish we had because it would be awesome. It’s that the time has come to let innovation drive the industry towards change. An industry, which typically was governed with few genuine options, will soon have a full-service customizable menu. You can stream all you want, or you can go a-la-carte.

I recently wrote a piece where I posed a question, is the RIAA to blame for reinforcing music piracy?

Piracy is a problem. There hasn’t been a clear solution.  Technology is forming a harmonious marriage with music and companies are popping up everywhere to make music discovery more social and flat out addictively fun.  Case and point: The Sixty One, Spotify (hopefully coming to the US this year), Mog, and numerous others depending on your preference….

But, that’s not my question. Mine is simple- How do you like your music served?

Are you a stream to various devices kind of person, or do you like to download and build playlists you can take anywhere?

Here’s the options I’m presenting-  (feel free to add your own)


My opinion-

I’m a blend of a couple.  Devils advocate, I suppose. I like streaming a lot, but sometimes I want to take my music on a plane or anywhere for that matter and i’m well aware that my iPhone’s battery dies in about 5 minutes when i stream music.  Being that I am a co-founder of – I really like the fact that buying music here not only supports the artist but also financially rewards those who legally download music.


What’s your preference?

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