How long until Facebook is the New Myspace?
August 8, 2011
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It’s been seven  years and Facebook has gone from a small, exclusive social network -  for college students only - to now being almost as ubiquitous as your driver’s license.  Everybody has it.  Even your grandparents.  But how much longer will Facebook last?  With the advent of Google +, which has started as an exclusive social network - by invite only - it’s appears that Facebook may have finally run its course.  For one, most Facebook users have so many “friends” now that it is not uncommon that users limit publicity of their content to only “specific” friends.  When you toss employers, professors, parents, uncles, grandparents, friends turned failed romances, etc. into the mix, it’s only normal to view Google +, with its neat classification system of “Circles” as a new, fresh start on life.  More privacy.  Less stress.  Plus, isn’t seven years enough?  That’s got to be equivalent to at least 49 years in any other generation. 

So how much longer will Facebook hold up?  Will upcoming social network users cancel the Facebook accounts their parents have already started for them and instead opt for Google +?  Heck, I would.  But then again I’m a dinosaur.  Will Facebook die a slow and painful death, sort of like MySpace.  Sad, but probably true.


Real J.O.B is an MBA grad turned musician.  He struggles to keep up and post meaningful content on his array of social networks, only to realize that the only one that matters is Facebook. Until now.  Check out his music at  Email him at



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