How To Get New Fans To Your Music Website From Facebook
February 4, 2011
Kyle Ohlenkamp in Social Media, basic marketing, facebook, fans, music website

As a musician do you find it harder and harder to get new fans to listen your music? You’ve  probably been using social media like Facebook already to promote your music. If you are wondering if there are ways to improve your success in getting people to check out your music then you are in luck because here are 5 ways that really do work.

1. Use Facebook To Build Your Fan Base By Actually Using It For it’s Intention!

Do not make the mistake of using Facebook personal pages like many musicians used Myspace which is by treating it like a bulletin board to advertise your band. You may get banned and people will get annoyed with you or worse by just ignoring your page. The truth is most people are not interested just because you are in a band. The good news is that once new facebook friends get to know you they may find it interesting that you are in a band and want to know more. Timing is everything. Yes, this process takes longer and has to be genuine but it really works to build your fan base when people can become interested in you as a person first. Start to think of fans as friends who like your music and you will be way ahead of the game. Often times your new friends will want to help you build your fan base too as a bonus!

2. Join a group or like someone on Facebook that interests you and contribute to their wall.

This is a great way to build your reputation as a facebook member and expand your interests as a bonus! Find something out there on Facebook that interests you and see if you can add to the community. To use an example of this, I am a fan of pro wrestling. (don’t laugh) I became very active in the thriving online community of fans for pro wrestling . Once people see you contribute with your image (Which is one you tested on people and know is the best) they will then start to add you to their friends. That is one reason I have tons of friends and friend involvement on my Facebook page, because I have something that I offer on other peoples walls that they like! There are so many things I have learned that benefit my music site from this community and as a bonus I become known and it sticks out because in the specialized groups about wrestling talk I am not competing with 1000 other guys in a band. Get it?

3. Get Help.

This is a big one and it works on so many levels. In fact, I really think if you do not get some kind of help with your music promotion efforts you are likely to burn out long before you are likely to get enough attention to sustain your career in music. There are plenty of great books and experts that can help you use Facebook and other social media in the maximum possible way. It is tough in the music business so have some friends help you and divide up the tasks needed for your music success.

4. Look At What Other Bands And Artists Are Doing That Is Not Working!

This is not a negative statement but rather a great way to learn by others mistakes. Take a look at what other bands are doing that is not getting much response and take note. What are the ideas that are really not attracting any attention? Do you see the same ones over and over? Are bands begging for fans and attention? Do not follow suit!  Free downloads? Charge $10,000 for yours! You may not get one but you may get some attention for the effort. (or you may get one!) Maybe you keep it simple and post exclusive pictures on Facebook only. Remember, typical effort equals typical results. Find a way to stand out by observing others that do not.

5. Start a Facebook Group about something that captures your target market.

I can give you a great example of this for me. My acoustic music has many fans that also like Bob Dylan. So, I started a group for fans of Bob Dylan (allthingsdylan) . This gives people updates about Mr. Dylan. I added a lot of friends in the process to my own face book and it is the 2nd leading traffic page to a site of my own music and I do not even have to advertise! (Make sure you do not rip people off or mislead them here though or it will back fire.) This can work with different topics and it does not have to be a music related group. For example if you are into skate-boarding then start a skate-boarding group and you will meet some new friends that are sure to be interested in your music.

The point of all this is that there are lots of cool things you can do that will help your music gain an audience on Facebook. I would be happy to hear some of the things others are doing as well so drop me a line at

Kyle Ohlenkamp is a Marketing and Development Consultant with Ultimate Entertainment where he helps artists succeed by forming a creative partnership providing strategic planning based upon 20 years of efficiently managing and working with businesses such as X -cel Energy and Kiss Manager Bill Aucoin, via phone, e-mail, or in person consulting. Please contact him via Kyle-O.Com

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