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I keep getting turned down by Lables/ cause I sound Beatlesque? and I'm older

Wow. If Susan Boyle walked into a major lable they would laugh her out of the place! But Look what she and her team did. She sold here Whole CD. Not jus a 99cent download,, Peace JJM

I would like some imput

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Majors are selling Circus acts, not music people 35-80 will buy or go see.The Boomers have all the Money.. Big untapped market..Give new older artists a chance. They should start a new show on TV ,Like the older the better or Older musicians ROCK.Peace.Joseph James McCabe

April 28 | Registered CommenterJoseph James

If labels turn you down then that is their choice. Your choice is how you act on any perceived critique.
If you make great, fresh music your age isn't a factor and you probably don't need a label anyway.
tbh I would be surprised if Susan Boyle is still signed in two years time.

April 29 | Unregistered CommenterBM

I agree with BM, You really don't need a label anymore. A good PR agent and some rightly placed money can double its investment through online sales. A label just saw americas responce to Boyle and cashed in, it is very different from actual artist in the industry.

I believe that "Music" in general has become desperate for some new faces. New "old faces" not like Boyle, but creative. I am almost 60, but have found my music is enjoyed by many different ages.
Having shown my work to some world renowned conductors, I keep moving forward. The compliments are what keep you going, for if nobody liked why? When I was told by a man who played for and was in the studio with Nat King Cole, my music was a pile of gold internationally, it made all the hours worthwhile. He said my writing takes Bob Dylans poetry and Johnny Cash's grass roots style and combines them. The name of my company is Tenacity Counts, it is what a kid growing up in the 60's still knows something about,, stick with it,, don't give up.

I have already gone farther than I thought about in the beginning, I have recorded 10 albums and written about 600 songs in about a 1 1/2 years. I am having what you used to call a " blast" wherever it goes from here, I will go.

The best thing I have heard is that I don't sound like, just another copy of "Whoever"
I just love music!!!

JP (Tenacity Counts Music)

There are many opportunities to exploit your music for financial gain beyond selling tracks and CDs to individuals. For instance, production music libraries often require music that sounds like band X, because the music supervisors they serve don't have the budget to license, say, the Beatles, or what have you. If you're interested in 'fame and fortune and everything that goes with it', you're probably out of luck if you're too old for American Idol, but there's no reason you can't have a nice career, given that you're talented and willing to work hard and learn the biz. Check out .

May 8 | Unregistered CommenterMojo Bone

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