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INDIE MAG Launches a Campaign to Develop a Funding Platform for Independent Musicians

Publishing with a conscience
INDIE MAG is on a mission to create a funding platform to support artist development by funneling profits from the magazine back into the global indie music community. The INDIE MAG team is raising funds on Indiegogo to establish the magazine as a social enterprise and to develop an infrastructure for the distribution of the sales profits through a grant process. Profits generated through sales from the issues will be funneled back into the independent music community. The goal of this undertaking is to provide artists with an opportunity to seek financial support simply on the merit of their ideas and their musically inspired vision for themselves and the world. INDIE MAG has teamed up with Wear Your Music©, the guitar string bracelet charity project, to offer a range of rewards in exchange for contributions to The INDIE MAG Project.

The campaign goal is to raise $50,000 USD by September 29th, 2012. Contributions can be made at: Rewards include Wear Your Music© products, as well as advertising space, reviews for independent artists, house concerts, co-editing spots and honorary board memberships.

INDIE MAG is a new online and print magazine for independent musicians highlighting scenes, musicians, and music-driven causes from around the world. Founded in August 2011 by indie artist, Reign Lee, INDIE MAG’s mission has been to create a publication that is positive and of value to the global independent music community. INDIE MAG is a global endeavor with contributors and advisors based in Europe, Asia and the US.

About Wear Your Music©
Wear Your Music© is a brand that represents the intersection of music, fashion and philanthropy. Their strings have been donated by the likes of Eric Clapton, Joan Jett, MGMT, Keith Richards, Pete Townsend, Bonnie Raitt, Ani DiFranco Kirk Hammett, Noel Gallagher and many, many more. Wear Your Music© Rock ‘n’ Roll jewelry has been featured in People, InStyle, Time Out NYC, The Today Show and MTV.

The mission is simple – support independence!

About Reign Lee
Reign Lee is the founding editor of Indie Mag – a magazine for independent musicians. ( She is also a touring musician who has performed all over Asia, England, Canada and the US. Visit for more info. Contact Reign at:

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