Industry Benchmarks: Why the Music Industry Finishes Last
February 25, 2011
Lauren Kaplan in Music Industry, click rates, email, fans, marketing, music marketing

 I hate to say it, but statistically speaking the music industry is terrible at engaging their fans via email. Just look at the click-through rates below. What gives?

Additional metrics can be seen on MailChimp’s blog.

Fans wear their fav bands t-shirt, put band stickers on their cars, use music as a part of their identity and sometimes even tattoo band logos on their bodies. So, why is it that we have the most engaged brand evangelists in real life yet, the least engaged subscribers on our lists?

4 Reasons:

1. We are spoiled. Our fans are so passionate about music that we are used to them coming to us and spreading the word. It is simply not good enough to just flier for your shows or treat every fan in the same way.

2. Whose job is it? In most industries, there is a CMO or a Marketing Operations Manager. In the music industry, there are still unclear roles about who should do interactive marketing. Is it the band, the manager, the promoter, the label?

3. Who owns the fan? Who owns the lists? Is is the band, the label, the promoter ?

4. Bright Shiny Objects. We are always trying to be one step ahead of the curve. We have to have a facebook, a twitter, 4square, a great music video, awesome tour dates. ooo and whats that?! We are distracted! We have a ton on our plate and really need to focus on a cohesive multi-channel marketing strategy.

How do we improve?

1. Treat your fans like individuals. Provide them with relevant content based on their location (events by geography), preferences and interests. If you are a label, gather information about your subscriber’s interests for an incentive. Get their zipcode, their favorite bands, their birthday and their preferred method of contact. Then automate emails to tell them when their favorite bands are in town, give them a free track from their favorite band on their birthday and create content that appeals to them.

2. Define Roles- A cohesive and relevant multi-channel marketing strategy  equals $$ in the bank. So, define roles and make sure someone is responsible. If you are a band, talk to your manager, label and promoter and decide who is responsible and create a marketing strategy and goals.

3.Follow a Subscriber’s Rule Philosophy and Serve, Honor and Deliver to your fans. Opt in your fans to your email list on your website, on your social sites and blog, through mobile and at your shows. Create a cohesive multi-channel marketing strategy and provide relevant content that will help fans improve their lives.

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