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Intriguing SXSW - Attaching Yourself to the Known

Got back home, a song repeating in my head so i head to my nearest music service, this being Youtube.  I type in the bands abbreviation[it’s a long band name], knowing that what i am after will come up.  I’ve been here before…

I see a familiar frame so click on said video.

To my surprise, the video im watching is one i have seen many times before.  This time though it’s been hosted by some one totally different?

South By South West aka SXSW.

I see the date added and it was just a few days ago, which messes up my initial thought, this being that it’s new footage from the recent event.  My brain continues to ponder and i realise that SXSW is an event that happens in March, wait it’s still February?!?!

So what’s really happened?

What they have done is created a series of video’s, 120ish in total.  Of which they have included all of the forth coming possible bands/artists that will be attending this years event.  How? Well they have only gone and used footage already on Youtube, duplicated the exact video’s that were already there and slapped their tag on the the video and the page you view as the video plays.

Good or Bad?!

Well either way, it’s a top tactic in the promotion/marketing game on the internet regarding new media/brands, which is to attach yourself to what is already known.  It seems no matter how big or small your brand is, it’s a tactic that works!

I have spoken about this type of terminology before and i will be repeating it for years to come i guess, it will just be in different disguises and forms i’m guessing.

They’ll now reap the rewards of at least a few thousand views and website hits due to this strategy, then when the whole thing is over will do it again with their own material.

Good work SXSW!

Martin Toole - Web designer/developer . Drummer . Band Member . Marketing/Promotion Fool of a Took . Built own home studio and is finally glad to post his first Music Think Tank entry! Be mean and i’ll stay keen! :D

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Reader Comments (2)

I'm really confused by this. You're surprised SXSW had a Youtube acccount, or you think bands should do what SXSW's Youtube account is doing?

February 25 | Unregistered CommenterJustin Boland

Obviously not confused they have a Youtube account and i believe that band's could treat the same idea in different way's.

I think it may have helped if i had brought up my initial post i said i spoke about once.

February 26 | Unregistered CommenterMartinT

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