"It's Not Just About The Music…"
July 15, 2014
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“It’s not just about the music- the music is the foundation and the platform but to make that music heard it is so much more. A great song is kind of the beginning. Even most the songs on the radio- I would say it’s half great songs and half good songs put out by great artists- people would rather hear the okay or good songs by the artists that they love and stand behind and the movement they follow rather than great songs by people that they don’t care about.”

“It’s all about the moment and the experience, you have to give people something they can remember- maybe it’s doing something in your set that’s a little bit different that they can’t get with anyone else. You have to give them exclusive content; it’s the same business model for almost anything. Why do people wanna buy this when they can buy that? What does your product have that the other products in the same exact market don’t? What’s different? Music is the same thing.”

We’re in the process of creating the platform “How They Sell Music” and want your feedback! HTSM is a compilation of the stories of 12 successful artists and their paths to success within the music industry. Featuring artists from all genres, this autobiographical book will provide a rare glimpse into the music industry and serve as an example for aspiring artists. Independent artists of today will learn from these artist’s victories, struggles, and the dedication it has taken to reach their level of success in the music industry.

The excerpt above is from one of our twelve: The Cab. Do you agree with the statement? What would you want further elaboration on? What questions would YOU want a successful artist to answer in their autobiographical chapter? All comments are appreciated!

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