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Jango Airplay Brings Unsigned Hip Hop to the Limelight

Jango Airplay has recently begun promoting several unsigned Hip Hop artists including DeScribe. Mattisyahu and DeScribe recently collaborated and released their song together on Brothers in Christ another Hip Hop duo, was recently featured as a hot band to watch. Emerging in the Christian music radio network as an up and coming band the team is seeking to use Jango Airplay as their main launch pad into the Christian music world.

Hip Hop bands work without rest recording music in Hip Hop studios, so why not work just as hard with your music promotion for the song. Platforms like Reverbnation give artists a network of other musicians to reach out to; however unlike Jango Airplay, their songs will not have a strong listenership. Currently Jango Airplay has a vast network of music listeners, approximately seven million per month.

Here are how the music promotion platforms are broken down. When DeScribe looked to promote his Hip Hop song with Mattisyahu, he bought credits with Jango Airplay. These credits enabled him to be played in rotation with other similarly sounding artists. Yes, nobody likes to think they sound like another band but they often do. As long as you don’t sound exactly the same you will be respected in the music industry.

With varying packages of radio plays, artists are able to select the type of music promotion they are interested in. A small budget is required. DeScribe believed his music sounds like, Bone Thugs & Harmony along with T-Paine and Damian Marley; quite a range if you ask me. Once his song was placed in rotation within the Hip Hop genre it would be played after every several songs within his preferred range of Hip Hop artists.

Before he could count how many times it had been played on Jango Airplay, he had already received e-mails from people throughout the country and in several other nations as well. It is an impressive service that works very well for indie artists and others wishing to join an independent music network.

For more on DeScribe take a look at his website:

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The hip hop music was born at the Bronx of New York city in 1970's basically from African Americans and Jamaican Americans. Often the word rap is used as same meaning with the hip hop but hip hop has an entire subculture.

April 23 | Unregistered Commenterhip hop music

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