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Kings Of Flow Charts With The Top Urban Stations

LOS ANGELES - Not long ago, a reporter in The San Fernando Valley, put Carlos Ilich Talavera member of the rap group Kings Of Flow better known by his stage name The Flow, on the spot at a news conference when he asked the Nicaraguan American performer why he had once rebuffed Cuban rapper Cuban Link.

After insisting of not having anything against him, The Flow explained that rapping in English — as he had proposed — Was “nada que ver con mi estilo de canto o rapeo. Eventhough, I speak mostly english around the hommies, but as soon as i pick up that microfono, mis raices tienen la palabra.” 

Bucking a trend of the late 1990s, which assumed that in order to make it big in the United States Hispanic artists needed to sing in English, The Flow and Money Montana better known together as Kings Of Flow have never done so — nor do they need to.

Kings Of Flow’s Hot New Single “RUMBA CALLEJERA” Charted with the Top Urban FM, College, Satellite, and Internet Stations through Radiowave and Mediaguide.


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