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As a leader it is important for me to bring my A game for the team 24/7. Informed decisions, keeping the team motivated by sharing new insights in the industry, and being the person they want to be someday makes a great leader. It comes from within, but can be learned.

A good leader has to not only do what they say but keep up on their toes. It is important for me, and any leader, to wake up early and start the day in the am, 6am for me, what about you? I get more work done, and a jump on the industry with the extra time in the day.

Anytime I have a meeting I dress the part, and prepare myself accordingly to bring my A game. Doing research on the client, and digging deeper into the industry on a particular topic sets me apart. I strive myself on being professional, and always on top of my game.

Knowing how to conduct myself around a client is paramount in the music industry. People in the Hip Hop world, for instance, never change a thing about themselves for anyone. It can be a tool for branding themselves, but does hold them back when trying to get further in their career. Sagging pants, talking in e-mails like they would if I were a homey, and not being respectful really hurts their career. An opportunity to communicate with a high level executive does not happen everyday. Give respect to another person on there level, not yours.

I was called into a meeting a couple of months ago to sit in on a recording session. Anytime I sit in on a session and have never meet the artist I do some research first. I make a point to be at my best and look presentable to fit in with the client: dressing nice but not to nice, taking a shower, not smoking weed (I don’t smoke weed regardless) before or during the session, and getting plenty of rest the night before. Because I always bring my A game the artist ended up getting my phone number before she left and continues to work with me today. Mind you she is a celebrity artist, and has shared the same stage as Britney, Destiny’s Child, and Areosmith to name a few. I recognized the talent she had and respected her as a person, talked to her on her level —not some thug level— nor did I blow smoke up her bum to boost her ego. I simply told her how it was and kept it real the whole time.

  Being a good leader you have to take many things into account, but mostly, people should want to follow in your footsteps, not someone else’s. Nobody is going to follow you if they themselves are more professional than you, and to be honest you won’t get too far in your career either.


Zaque Eyn is Founder/CEO/Owner of United Funk Organization & Funksville better known as Funksville UFO, and the Director of Creative Empowerment for various companies and artsits. While Zaque Eyns talents range from producing, sound engineering, music, fashion, events, marketing and business development; his approach to each project is rooted in successful business approach and strategy. He applies his skills and solid industry background to better even the most demanding of circumstances.

Zaque Eyn has worked with companies such as Jim Henson Studio, Neverland, Pomplamoose, Lauren Mayhew, Dave Weckl, KC Porter, Ashanti, Dennis Moody, Luis Conte, Skills, Lumitech, Love Parade, Laguna Sega, Dj Schmolli, Berkley Liberation Radio, Tutto Media, Freshly Squeezed TV, Thrice, Best Buy, Tom Kennedy, Steve Weingart, Gary Meek, Ray Yslas to name a few.

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