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Live Music Machine

The founder / CEO of Live Music Machine is a friend.

If anyone has a chance, can you check out Live Music Machine and leave some helpful comments below.

Would you use this product / service?  Why /why not?



Reader Comments (5)

i love the idea of this service, the only problem i saw with it is where you play the shows at......ive done "tours" where it was at houses(where it usually gets shut down), or coffee shops(where they didnt know what kinda music it really was), or even if its at a venue(what all does it include, sound guy light guy door guy security?)

like i said love the idea and cant wait to see how some bands respond after theyve done a few tours

also seems to me like the perfect compliment business would be a chain of small venues(300 cap), designed and maintained, with very little overhead or staff needed, to be used by both bands and fans that would use services like this one.....just a thot

October 1 | Unregistered Commentercraig dalley

@craig dalley My thoughts exactly. Say a Hard Core Hip Hop act is fully fan funded to play in my hometown. Who's to say the local venue is will to take the risk?

October 2 | Unregistered CommenterKevin English

Craig and Kevin

You both have the glass half full attitude. Instead of looking at the limiting nature of LiveMusicMachine. Look at the immense possibilities it opens up for rap and hip-hop artists to play live. If the host and artist are concerned about security issues they need to find the place and the people to control whatever the situation may be. That is not LMM's job. We help artists and their fans make live music connections

October 3 | Unregistered CommenterDavid Sherbow

hey david, i definitly agree that it opens up huge possibilities, if u knew me at all you would know that i am a workaholic and am a very positive person, i was simply stating a concern....a speak as a person who has been in bands, who has been #1 fan, ran a successfull venue(we had finch story of the year and yellowcard all come thru long before they were gigantic but they played to packed 600 people in a tiny room) and a successful booking agent, shows dont just magically happen just because someone has just enough for what the band wants..... its not always about money that may or may not have contributed to show happening or not happening, as s a venue we took several shows we knew we were gonna lose money on, but we did it cause we knew the next time a band the band came thru they would come back to us, or we did it for the fans to keep regulars happy..... i really love the idea i think it could open up huge opportunities to bands, i think it definitly helps certain types of artist(singer song writers, rappers hip hop, small format bands) more than it the end all say all to how people are going to start booking tours no, is it going to help alot of people absolutely!! is it a great idea absolutely!! can it be improved on absolutely!!! i think your brilliant and have a real knack for seeing needs in the industry and trying to solve them soo congrats on the new site which by the way looks and operates stellar

October 5 | Unregistered Commentercraig

Hey Dave. Didn't mean to ruffle feathers. Just playing devils advocate as we always do here on MTT. I'll try your widget out with one of my clients and give it an honest review. I may even be interested in sponsoring a contest. Let me know when you've received my info and we'll take it from there.

October 6 | Unregistered CommenterKevin English

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