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Lost Songs Campaign

The Lost Songs campaign aims to seek out the very best songs that have been written but never published or recorded, thus running the risk of being “lost”.  The competition organisers are appealing to any songwriter, young or old, who has penned a song that has never been brought to the attention of the public.  This could be your chance to let that song be heard by a national audience. 

The Lost Songs concept was the brainchild of Ticking Tree’s songwriter ADMAN, who says, “I’ve been thinking for a while that there must be a plethora of beautiful songs that have been carefully written and crafted, but have never seen the light of day. They are drifting, lost.  We believe that out there, somewhere, just waiting to be found, are songs like Lennon’s Imagine, Adele’s Someone Like You, Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud, and so on.  That is what inspired the Lost Songs project: we want to find them!  It really could be that one day, when listening to music on the radio, people will be saying, “Did you know, that was once a Lost Song?” 

The music industry contributes £15 billion to the world economy. However, there would be no industry at all without one core element: the song. Without songwriters and the songs they create, the music industry would not exist. This, say the competition organisers, is key to the importance of finding those Lost Songs that deserve to be heard by the world. 

The organisers wanted to keep the entry process as simple and quick as possible to encourage as many songwriters as possible to submit their song for consideration. There is no travelling to attend a regional audition and queuing round the block for hours. All the songwriters need to do is to agree to the Lost Songs Terms and Conditions and upload their song onto the dedicated YouTube channel.  All entries will be listened to by an industry panel and those who have made it through to the next round will be contacted by the Lost Songs team. 

The best of the songs submitted will be included on a Lost Songs album. The winning entry will be commercially released as a single. 

If you are a songwriter, this could be your chance to have your material heard. Perhaps you never quite had the courage or the right opportunity to submit your own “classic” to anyone; maybe life got in the way somehow, but NOW is the time to let that song sing for itself. 

For further details on submitting your song, watch the Lost Songs video:


Visit the website to read all Terms & Conditions:



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