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December 28, 2011
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While some people become a musician because they like music and love to play or sing, most do it because they also hope they’ll become famous. Of course, with millions trying, it’s difficult to be that special singer or band everyone is talking about. Nowadays though, getting noticed is much easier than even ten years ago. That’s because of the internet.

Using the internet, any musician can hit the big time, and sometimes overnight. You just have to come up with a plan, use the best social media and, of course, be prepared for a lot of hard work.

Create an Image 

Every famous singer or band has something that makes them stand out. With Lady Gaga it’s her crazy costumes, and with Morrissey it’s his androgyny and that he’s outspoken and opinionated. Decide what image you want to promote and, from then on, everything you do or say, and every piece of information released about you, should fit that image.


Now you’ve created an image, you need a website that fits with it and you don’t have to spend huge amounts of money to get one. Buying a domain name is $10 a year, and paying for a website host as little as $5 a month. Get your website set up, upload a free Wordpress template and start adding content. Within 24 hours, you or your band can be online and getting noticed.

Twitter and Facebook

Of course, there are thousands of social media sites worldwide but, if you don’t have a presence on Twitter and Facebook, getting famous just got harder.

Sign up for an account on both websites, making sure the photos and information you use are consistent on both platforms, and that your website’s URL is prominently displayed. Search both sites for people who have similar interests in music, or live in your area, and start adding them as friends on Facebook and following them on Twitter. Within a couple of days, you can have a few hundred people already clued in to you and your music.

MP3 Files

New musicians and bands often make the mistake of uploading MP3 files of their songs and charging for them. Let’s face it, unless people already know you, nobody is going to pay to buy your music. That’s why uploading MP3 files on your website, to download for free, is the smart way to go. People who like them will share them with friends, and you’ll soon be getting hits on your website and friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Remember too, you can sell CDs of your music and CD duplication is cheap to do. Create a master CD, design an interesting cover and, as orders come in, download your music onto a blank disc and pop it in the mail.

Join NoiseTrade

NoiseTrade is one of the coolest websites online. It’s a site where any musician can upload their music and give it away for free. Viewers on the site download the music they want, and it’s all legal. If they like your music, some fans will even “tip” you, meaning they’ll send you a small donation through PayPal.

NoiseTrade is the perfect place for a new singer or band to get free publicity, as the site promotes its musicians with front-page placement, marketing ads and with musician profiles on their blog. In just a few months, NoiseTrade has become one of the top sites for people who want to hear new music.

NoiseTrade even helps with compiling an e-mail list of fans as, every time a listener downloads your music, they must give their e-mail address and town they live in before they’re given the download code. This information is forwarded to musicians to be used for promotional e-mails and to notify fans in each city of any upcoming concerts in their area.


Finally, it goes without saying, YouTube is a musician’s friend. Start your own channel, upload your videos and promote, promote, promote. Every year, unknown singers are given recording contracts simply because their video went viral on YouTube. Create the right image and the next one could be you.



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