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Make your flyers and posters literally sing

Attention bands and musicians: we need your help! We are beta testing our new audio QR Codes called tokkers and we’re looking for bands and musicians to try them out (for free!) and give us feedback.

When people scan a tokker that’s printed on your flyer, they can instantly hear your music, see a picture of you, find out more about you and where you’ll be playing, share it on Twitter and Facebook, email it to their friends, embed it in their web page, call or email you, and link to your website.

If you’re interested in trying them out, please sign up here: and use invite code “mtt” (without the quotes). We can only accept the first 100 to sign up. Once you’re signed up, you can have unlimited use of tokkers for one full year for free, even after the beta program is over. All we ask is that you send us your feedback. We’re especially interested in finding out if you thought they are easy to use (or not so easy), if you had any problems using them, if you found any bugs, different ways you’ve used them, or anything else you might like to share with us.

Scan the tokker below to check out an example. We’re pretty excited about them, and hope you are too! Thanks in advance!




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