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Montreal Musician Jordi Rosen At Mapanare

A few years ago, while working for a music gear website, I was looking for artists to interview. At the time the site was not well known so larger artists were not interested. I went on a tear of social network band pages. Most of the music was…to put it in charitable terms…EAR CRUSHINGLY HORRIBLE.

Then I cane across Jordi Rosen. I have a hard time explaining why her music struck me so. When I interviewed her for the other site we talked about how she found her keyboard in a recycling pile. We talked about the accordion’s place in pop music. She was quite charming and after you ask someone for the 500th time why they like their stratocaster it is REALLY nice to talk about SOMETHING, ANYTHING, else….

The first person I thought of, although not the first I interviewed, for the culture site was Rosen. She would up being the first musical interview. Check it out if you get a chance.


Patrick Ogle

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