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Music Business Is Ever Changing

Bigger Not Always Better


Faced with competition from indie artists and fast-paced technology growth, the big corporate machine that once ruled the music industry has no doubt taken a back seat of sorts. The advent of the digital studio quite some time ago has given the power that was once reserved for only the top contenders to everyone with a computer.

While many big-name acts still frequent large commercial facilities, many of them are choosing the path of breaking away from the notion of bigger is not always better. If you look at the current state of the remaining few big boys; Sony, BMG, Universal and Warner, you will see that a large part of the decision making is done as a reflex reaction to what the little guys are capable of.

Has the industry lost it’s clout as a whole? Only time will tell, but if the changing enviroment of the industry as a whole is any indication of what the crystal ball holds for secrets, one could surmise that life for the majors is a daily battle that they never envisioned back when they ruled the world of music.


About the Author: Glenn Davis Doctor G is a International Artist, Inventor and founder of Cloud 9 Music.

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