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Music Career Interviews: Brian Thompson

This interview was originally posted on Chris Rockett’s Music Marketing Website

Quick Fire Questions

Favourite Music Career Book or Course?

I like to look outside of the music biz for things which I can then bring back to my work with music. Lately it’s been marketing and business books such as “Crush It” by Gary Vaynerchuk, “Four Hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferriss, and “Trust Agents” by Chris Brogan/Julien Smitth…

Best Music Marketing Tool?

Twitter + Blog

Biggest Inspiration?

Watching the grassroots success of a band I’ve been working with for the past five years, Art Of Dying. They are a textbook example that persistence, perseverance, passion, and hard work is the path to sucess.

Favourite Website?

Google Reader… does that count? From just that one tab in my web browser, I scan and read approximately 120 different blogs every morning.

Main Interview

How I Started and What I’m Doing At The Moment…

I started in the music biz unpacking boxes of CDs for a music retailer and eventually worked my way up to being the head music buyer for the entire chain of 22 stores. After I left I started managing and tour managing Art Of Dying, until we got them signed to Warner. I then switched my focus to developing Thorny Bleeder, our website, a roster of label and management artists, and providing a variety of Artist Services for hire.

My Biggest Achievement in Music and How It Happened…

Being an integral part of the Art Of Dying success story…

The Most Effective Way I Have Found To Increase Your Fan Base…

Consistent blogging and sharing of media (photos and videos), and a relentless, honest, transparent, and engaging use of social media networks.

You Will Become Successful Sooner If…

If you learn how to properly use social media without spamming, share things for free with your fans, and study digital marketing (which you can do for free online by reading blogs).

You Should Not Be Focusing On…

Monetizing your music before you have a considerable fan base. Create fans first.

Final Thoughts…

It’s the Wild West out there in the music marketplace, anything can happen at anytime. You no longer have to play by a standard set of rules. Break out and be different! Take chances. Try something new and risky. If something doesn’t work for you, at least you tried! Then try again and fail better. The more things you try the closer you’ll come to finding something that works for you.

Content, content, content. Share, share, share! This is what the music fan wants and if you’re not participating in this type of philosophy, chances are you won’t be noticed or remembered.

You no longer have to spend a fortune to market your music, you do it all for virtually zero cash… all it takes is time and commitment in the online space.

You Can Find Me At…

Thorny Bleeder Website:







Source: Music Career Interviews: Brian Thompson

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