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Music Fans You Are More Powerful Than You Think!

This is a new age – online life has allowed us to play by drastically different rules than even 10 years ago, and in just about every way. We interact with friends, plan our lives, catch up with family, and make professional connections through social media. We consume almost all of our media through the Youtubes, Spotifys, Steams, and Netflixs of the world. And almost everyone on Earth, celebrities to unknowns, are just a tweet or an email away. Not new information – we’re just setting the stage.

All of us are dialled right in. When you add it up it might seem like we’re all slaves to a machine … But the fact of the matter is we have this incredible tool in front of us, and we can do just about anything with it!

One of the greatest things to come along in our era has been the idea of crowdfunding or, in our world, fanfunding. If someone has a dream, and it’s a good idea and other people believe in it, it can become a reality. It prevents faulty products and services from being made, it ensures an audience, and it keeps people invested since they are literally a part of it from day one. The fans, the consumers, the funders have all the power.  The fans are the producers, and are gaining more and more power.

If you want something to happen you can make it happen. You have the power!

You want to support your favourite artists right? Cut the middle man right out.

Want to see your favourite band? Get enough people together to pledge tickets and Songkick’s Detour will make it happen. Want your favourite unknown indie band to complete their first album? Head to Kickstarter or Indiegogo and contribute money. Want to get in touch with artists directly? Tweet at musicians and ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask.

Artists are ditching the idea of direct-to-fans and favouring crowdfunding, so there are a lot more opportunities to get involved and pick-and-choose what projects will succeed. Also, due to some extreme success stories in the past year, it’s not slowing down any time soon. They recognize the power in this and the successful ones are actively spreading the word to other artists. Not only do you have the power to make a difference, but you usually get some pretty sweet kickbacks and swag for your contribution (on top of the actual product/service you’re funding!).


  • Zoe Keating Crowdfunded  for Live in London - Zoe Keating is one of the first successful artists to emerge from the recently unveiled concert crowdfunding site Detour. Fans wanted her in London and they made it happen. “Because I operate outside the standard music industry, even when my research tells me there are many of you in a particular city, it’s not always easy to for me to convince concert promoters I will have an audience.”

Zoe Keating

  • Protest the Hero Crowdfunds+ new album  - With an original goal of $125000, Protest the Hero reached out to fans for their support while offering a ton of perks for donors. Fans wanted the band to succeed and also wanted a full scale tour, which the rest of the money is being put towards. As of this publishing date they have raised an insane $341,146 in total.

Protest the Hero

And what’s parting with $20 or so … ?

Remember there is power in numbers, and if you want something to happen chances are that there are another hundred or so that feel the same way. BUT IN THE END IT’S YOUR DECISION!

Musicians and entertainers are people too. If they are smart they will listen to their fans, their funders, and they will bridge the gap to satisfy the needs of their backers. They will listen to you and ultimately base future decisions on people like you.

Wield your mighty power Music Fans!! Good feeling hey?

Originally posted at the Indiloop blog

Reader Comments (1)

Shawn, this is becoming common knowledge now. What strategies do you have for a crowd funding project to break through the noise? Thanks,

June 23 | Unregistered CommenterHarrison

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