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Music project Toma on Kickstarter


My name is Toma-composer and singer,and  I have making the music since the many years.

Toma web:

I never give up from my dream that one day my songs going to have a chance to be official release.Now my dream is very close to became truth.One day I start to collaborate with Zora,songwriter from Portland,Oregon,and we got idea how to improve now OUR dream.

We decide to find the way on Kickstarter,and now we waiting to find help from all good people that can help in OUR dream.

Now I am writing this message in the hope that you can help.I need to record 3 songs in music studio with full production.My desire goal for this project is 3.500 $.But I will be satisfied with any kind of amount of money that you can pledged.So if you can help in any kind of way,I will be grateful and if you share this project with all your friends.I shall be reward all people who donate with free download of my song,and for the great amount I will be reward all people with One New song only writed and compose for them.

Here is project of Toma and Zora on Kickstarter,and we call them just simply-Toma .

Thanks for everthing

Come to see our dream,and be one with our music.



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