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Musician Poem

To help with my thoughts and understanding

To get through each day with free abandon

I strummed a mortal chord

Which flowed like a meandering fjord


I abandoned all hope and set myself free

Destined to appear on MTV

With three chords and a black gig bag

I joined a band and tried to be rad


In our bubble of toil and trouble

We rehearsed forever  The Wild Rover

With shut eyed ears to the outside world

And an arrogance from within us took over


I’ve been in that room of copyright doom

Where friends yarn endless about a musical boom

The notion to sell and get heard by the masses

And then sit back, drink and talk about lasses


Really we’re lazy, bone idle, just below par

But we think our music will sell and fill up our jars

With waning interest, no striving to be the best

Instead lots of rest, getting stoned and barely getting dressed


I’m in a band that nobody’s heard of

And we blame it on everyone save ourselves

With a drawer of CDs that nobody bought

I’ll stick it to the man who put us on the shelves


He tries his best to sell our records

Alongside others that are often a little better

And yet we’re all blind to the truth that we’re really quite lame

It’s ourselves we should blame in this musical game


A true musical success

Is to make people dance and feel their best

So cast ideas of fame clear from the mind

And continue along a creative line


Distract, entertain, enrich and uplift

Was my prerogative as I picked up the guitar

To be remembered for all the above

Not to think businesslike and buy a big car

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