MusikFly: Makes it Easy to Submit and Receive Music
July 25, 2013
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As a musician it is extremely important for your music to be heard by the right people. As a blogger, it is extremely important to discover artists and help them gain publicity as efficiently as possible. I recently launched a service, Musikfly that helps both the musician and blogger to acheive these goals. Right now there are limited options out there for music submissions. Musikfly offers a simple submission platform that can be embedded into a blogger’s site and used in place of email for their submissions. So when a musician goes to their favorite blog and wants to submit their music, they just click a link, connect to their soundcloud or youtube, and add the songs they want to submit. Then once sumbitted, instead of having a clogged email inbox, the blogger has a clean filtered submission feed where they can listen to the songs and learn about the artists all on the same page.   

The age of the internet has changed music disovery drastically and there have been many success stories that have started with 1 article being written on the right page. At Musikfly we believe that by making the submission and discovery process cleaner and easier, more great independent musicians will be discovered and less talent will go unheard.


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