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April 2, 2013
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The internet has opened doors to promotional opportunities for artists worldwide. The problem with that is it’s created a much more competitive market, and you need to stand out from the crowd. Ultimately your music sells itself, and without the talent you won’t succeed. But even the most talented musicians don’t necessarily succeed in the industry today (or in the past). That’s where management comes in, however most managers charge a fortune and take a cut of your money. A lot of indie artists just manage themselves today, which is a full time job if you want to succeed. When you have another full time job, your band, and managing your band, that can be extremely diffecult. Plus it takes away from your true passion, the music. As musicians ourselves, and with years in the industry, this is why we offer management unlike any other. 

What we offer?

We’ve developed an amazing PR Team and strong music industry connections all around the world to promote our talent roster. A lot of PR and Management firms have that though. What they don’t offer is our cutting edge platform that has created the most affordable management you’ll find.

How do we do it?

 We work with artists and bands from all genres and places in the world. We create a professional press release displaying all of your information/media in the best possible mannor (magazines and radio stations receive a lot of submissions, they want to view it all quickly and easily). We submit you to 100+ press opportunities that best suite what you’re looking for (genre specified) each month. We feature you in our own magazine each month through reviews, interviews and our magazine issues. We also continually promote you through social media to our 10,000+ followers.

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