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myShuffle - an iPhone app that lets you play the music you like

Hi There.

I am a new app developer and I have recently released my first iPhone/iPad app related to music.

The app ecosystem is a difficult one to get in due a large amount of new apps released every day ! So, I going around trying to promote my app to people who might have an interest in what I have developed.
In a nutshell, my app is called myShuffle and it basically plays your music library randomly but learns the music you like by registering simple inputs (like/dislike artists or songs, move forward quickly after a song starts…). The reccurence of songs and artists is then altered to match your musical taste.

The app exists in 2 versions: a full feature app (myShuffle) and a reduced feauture iAds supported free app (myShuffle Lite).
Please find below links to both apps.
I am looking forward to your feedback.
Best regards,


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