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new App takes Radiohead/NIN innovations a step further

My name is Kurt Dahl, I’m a drummer in Vancouver rock band One Bad Son. I invented something 2 years ago that is now a free iPhone App.

The App lets you the listener customize your own version of my band’s song ‘Rustbucket’, based on different pre-recorded parts of the song that we’ve done in studio. For example, do you want the regular or alternate lyrics in the verse? or more cowbell in the chorus? the live or regular bridge?

As you can see in the image above, you just spin the cubes, and each cube face is a different part of the song that my band recorded. So the first cube is the 1st verse, 2nd cube the chorus, then 2nd verse, 2nd chorus, then finally the bridge. The fire burns across from left to right as the song plays. The yellow box @ middle bottom describes what you’ve chosen.

We also had fun with musician friends from different genres, and recorded a hip hop chorus, a country chorus, reggae chorus, etc.

Once you make your pics you can download your version of the song, for free. While Radiohead and NIN let you adjust the levels of each instrumental track, I feel like this takes things a crucial step further, and creates a connection between fans and musicians like never before. I humbly think it may revolutionize how music is consumed…making music more interactive than ever before.

That’s all for now - email me @ with your comments…I’d love to hear em!

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