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New Austin Music Reality Show to Focus on "Classic" Song Stories and Remakes.

Cover Me is a “Behind the Music” series based in Austin, Texas. It will feature a group of musicians and singers collectively known as “The Cover Kings”. The show is currently running a campaign on

This musical biography will explore some of the the greatest hit songs of our time and the artists that made them famous. Cover Me will examine some 90 iconic artists ranging from ABBA to ZZ Top, relate the story of the song and the artist - and then create a modern interpretation of the material. Combining new music technology and Austin’s world-class talent pool, the Cover Kings will create fresh versions of many hit songs from decades past and present.

The success of dozens of talent search and music reality shows - from American Idol to Glee and X-factor, clearly demonstrate a mass appeal for modern takes on former hits. Through these shows, Billboard has charted hundreds of new cover versions in the top 100. Indeed, showcasing classic songs and artists are large part of the draw of these popular shows.

Cover Me producer and creator, Daniel Sage, says of the show, “It is our wish to inspire and be inspired by these gems of craftsmanship and make them relevant once again. Part of our unique sound is to incorporate the infectious beats that drive dance and rap music and still maintain a live band setting. So, if you’ve ever been curious to hear Cat Stevens over a Jay-Z beat or what blending Sinatra and Steve Miller would sound what like – you’ll love what what we like to call our sonic makeovers. ”Sage continued “our journey seeks to blend Austin’s greatest resource - the gifted musician - with the classic artists they are being asked to cover. Our quest is to capture the essence of pop music thru the vehicle that every artist pours heart and soul into – the song itself.”

The web audience will be a source material for many sections of the show, including opinion and interview snippets as well as voting on their favorite Cover King remakes to be performed live in Austin at the end of each episode. Through these many interactive tools, the audience will be part of discovering and breaking the next Stevie Ray Vaughn, Spoon or Dixie Chicks.

Austin, universally known as the “Live Music Capital of the World,” has more than doubled in size in the past 10 years and, with over 200 live venues, has been a place for musicians to thrive and grow. Having honed their craft in other American cities, they have now chosen Austin as home. It’s become a town of happy transplants and dreamers, those who have thrown caution to the wind to make a better, weirder life for themselves. The show will also tell their personal stories. Stories played out to the greatest soundtrack ever compiled - the last 50 years of country, pop, rock, and soul music.

Cover Me will take you through the entire process - from talent auditions, to arranging the songs and choosing the instrumentation - to recording, mixing, and final editing.

The Cover Kings intend to record 100 cover songs and offer them as single downloads and as a 10 Album Set. Cover Me will include 12 video episodes and 24 audio podcasts and encourage other Austin artists – painters, graphic artists, filmmakers - to contribute to the show.

Daniel Sage | Producer / Creator (Contact Me)

COVER ME | | (See Promo Video and Campaign)


Daniel Sage attended Bostons’ Berklee College of Music as a vocal major studying both Jazz and Rock. He spent many years in L.A. working in cover bands at night and recording studios during the day, including sitcom bands such as “Seinfeld” and “Golden Girls”. Moved to Las Vegas and worked in various lounges and showrooms, even touring with the European cast of HAIR. He then Spent three years at Disney World (Orlando) in a Beatles tribute show and at Universal Studios in a 50’s Show band. He now lives and performs in Austin, Texas.

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