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NuMuBu Innovation Connects the Music Industry

Tuneography is a social vehicle built in the NuMuBu platform to interlink the entire music industry through crediting all the creators of every song. An artist uploads a song and types the name of a person involved in that song, for instance, the producer. If that person is on the NuMuBu network, Tuneography will immediately find that person and allow the artist to select the producer for song credit. If he/she is not yet on the network, the Tuneography system allows the artist to type the producer’s email address and send an invite to set up a NuMuBu profile , at which point, the song credit selected will be automatically attached. The same process occurs for recording studios, record labels, and anyone else, even sponsors.


One of the implications of this system are increased visibility of all kinds for people who normally find it hard to get credit for musical creations in the social media arena. With NuMuBu Tuneography, all people involved in music creation can establish a deeper EPK (Electronic Press Kit) that highlights a networked example of their work.


With Tuneography and the 70+ categories of profiles for music industry professionals, NuMuBu has armed its members with an in depth way of connecting users to the resources they need as well as enhancing all users ability to market and showcase themselves.


NuMuBu officially launched in early July and is running a social sharing sweepstakes for a chance to win a grand prize of up to $25K and one of five Apple iPads as runners-up prizes for joining NuMuBu and taking advantage of its business-to-business network. In addition, Limelight by Rightsflow has donated a $500 consulting package for the grand prize winner. You can join NuMuBu through the sweepstakes and get multiple entries to win one of the prizes by using your Twitter and Facebook account by clicking here.

Reader Comments (5)

After spending 5 minutes clicking around your site, I can definitively say that I have absolutely no idea what you people even do.

Your "Features" section is worthless ad copy. I would suggest removing your final "feature" -- "NuMuBu is fun." You do not have an "attractive and easy-to-use user interface." In fact, if you have any actual money, you should invest in a professional UX/UI now, before you have to scale up on a losing design.

Finally, it's a simple lie to claim you are "NuMuBu is the most comprehensive music business website on the Internet." Perhaps you've simply never heard of any of your competition, but that doesn't make the claim any less wrong.

Starting a company is never easy!! Lying about what you do and who you are only makes it harder. You're one of thousands of start-ups this year and you're barely getting started. Just be honest and open about that and you'll probably get a better response.

August 7 | Unregistered CommenterJustin Boland

Same here, the overall design and structure is very "96". Frames and tables are an absolutely no go since 10 years.

I also highly doubt that most people will join subscription model, nobody likes a page full (!) of ads, especially not if it has a professional context.

Honestly, you need a better concept to compete with the revernations, bandcamps and soundclouds out there. I'm not even mentioning the big digital distributors. You might want to put some focus on 2-3 new and exciting features only and grow with the demand. The "Jack of all trades" approach is perhaps to expensive and hard to promote?

August 13 | Unregistered CommenterFabien

Justin and Fabien,

Thanks for taking the time to thoroughly look at the site. Your criticisms are very appreciated. We want to be an open forum where individuals, like yourselves, help shape the future of our model.
Please contact me so we can communicate on a deeper level via evan (a)


August 13 | Unregistered CommenterEvan Lagace

The new face of Numubu goes live mid to end of Feb 2012 the current site is a beta site only

February 4 | Unregistered CommenterRob Taylor

Numubu now live

NuMuBu exists to support artists and all other areas of the music industry and their music through patronage, sponsorship, sharing and assistance. The site aims to provide all of the tools necessary to enable musicians and everyone else connected to the music industry to establish a relationship with those who love music in an effective, lucrative and enjoyable way.

Our extensive database intends to include every area of the music industry under one umbrella site so instant access to information is readily available to all

March 1 | Unregistered CommenterRob Taylor

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