One Book To Rule Them All! The Elusive "It" Factor in the Music Industry
September 3, 2013
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I have always been a creative entrepreneur, and not allowed the world to get the better of me, but instead, let the world fuel me. Throughout 13 years in the music industry I’ve worked with some of the best in the business: Anita Baker, KC Porter, Jim Henson Studios, Never Land, OK GO, George Duke, Lauren Mayhew, Pomplamoose, and as far as I can remember, I’ve heard of “it,” this elusive thing setting apart the extraordinary from the ordinary. These people encapsulate: auras, energy, and empower all that are near; you’re drawn to them.

I remember the first time I was pointed out amongst a group of peers as having “it.” The moment raised my energy, raising the energy of everyone else around, in turn, raising my energy even more. I felt: invigorated, aware, and enlightened. All these sensations stemmed from a comment by the person running the show, we all looked up to, and wanted to be like. After the day was over, at home, having a chance to soak it all in, I realized I had arrived, and started wondering what “it” actually was. Can anyone learn to have and apply “it?” 

Books and school seem an obvious choice, until you realize answering the question isn’t simply a matter of reading and going to school, because real world experience, combined with a multitude of questions, is necessary.

One thing I never found, from books or school, was anything explaining what I needed in order too have the right game plan in place to strive towards greatness and beyond. I’ve read countless books, on a multitude of topics, in search of that elusive “it” factor; never truly finding what it was I needed to do to have “it.” Nothing has ever broken “it” down.

In fact, not only has a book never gotten to the heart of “it,” but school will never be able to teach what “it” is. It is an impossibility for a school to teach this, because “it” is something, I have learned, that comes from real world experiences combined with knowing how to apply techniques, rarely spoken about, and geared towards the music industry. It takes various topics to answer the “it” factor, and who has time to get four or five different degrees and learn how to apply them all?  

Certainly I have learned from celebrities, school, and real world experiences about “it,” and what it takes to have “it,” while working with everyone. But every time someone says I have “it,” and I ask what “it” is, they always give me a different answer than the person before. This got me thinking how much of a struggle the music industry is and how many books someone would need to buy and read, not to mention the years of school, in order to have the knowledge of implementing and understanding the “it” factor.

And it goes deeper than just reading 100 + books over the course of your career, or start of. To this day I had yet to find anything going beyond the normal hoopla of “you need a marketing plan, or goals in place, EPK.” Nothing ever had the real talk, the true marketing plan outline, the right way to network, and in all the same place. Sure I’ve read music industry books that have a marketing plan outline, but it’s not a professional outline, one I could use to land real clients, they are simply geared at musicians who need an understanding of some basics. What is anyone to do if they want to write a real marketing plan for a record label? You’d most certainly need to go to school in order to do this. No one book on the market will ever teach you this, unless you know what school book to buy, and even then these books fail to give a real outline. What if someone needed to set up a meeting, set realistic goals, coach website logistics, build business rapport, understand ego’s or understand body language, and really make a living in the music industry? 

These are questions we could spend a lifetime trying to answer by reading hundreds of books. Or we could go to school for 8 years and get a masters degree, but the reality is we’d still never get everything we needed because even the best of schools fail to teach us everything. If you go to school for a music degree, or music business degree, they don’t teach you things like body language, let alone how to implement it in the music business, if your lucky enough to even take the course.

This brings me to the reason for writing this book. I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to know what it really takes to survive in the music industry. An opportunity to learn the skills required, and offer professional tools, that can be applied to all aspects of the industry, not just a guitar player marketing plan that means nothing or can be applied to anything outside of a niche aspect. A true music industry book designed for all aspects; a book with skills to take a record label head on, manage a career, or give true A&R help. A book where one could start, or advance, they’re career, and become successful.

Throughout my book, Mastering The Music Business; Creative Empowerment “It” Factor In The Music Industry, you will learn the various techniques top professionals in the music industry apply in their careers. But your not going to get something geared towards musicians only, you will be getting the knowledge to implement a successful career in any aspect of the industry: starting your business, career development, artist development, managing other people and so on. And as far as that elusive “it” factor, well, everything combined and implemented in the book will give you that “it” factor and empower your creativity, and career, for years to come.

Lastly, the book is not a simple read me and apply me book, it goes beyond the normal spectrum of other books because I have included classes of sorts for everyone reading it. At the end of the book you will find a section to continue your education and truly help take your career to new heights. 

Of course this is a shameles act self promotion, however, this book was written for everyone, and for everyone to have a real opportunity to get not only the help they need but the guidance and support to achieve greatness and beyond. Click on the link below and go buy the book, the 3 months of continued support alone is worth the price. 

Buy Me Mastering The Music Business; Creative Empowerment “It” Factor In The Music Industry 


Over 10 years experience, Zaque Eyns innovative ideas, creativity & understanding of the entertainment industry have helped many individuals realize their goals & objectives. Specialties include executive producer, music producer, sound engineer, event’s liaison, marketing, and branding. From time management to creative execution of audio or that “can’t be done” idea, Zaque Eyn understands how to deliver top tier product calling it “Creative Empowerment.” 

Creative Empowerment: Visual, Art, Music; a range of specialized talents including producing, sound engineering, music, fashion, events, marketing and branding; each project rooted in successful business approach and strategy. Skills and solid industry background, to better even the most demanding of circumstances, provide experience and know how.

 Drawn to technology at an early age, also fond of saxophone, I was always intrigued with music technology; of course back in the 80’s we didn’t have much in the way of computer technology, so it was all about: amplifiers, guitars, drums, bass, pedals, ect… My dream, perform on stage dancing for thousands of people; listening to music of artists like Michael Jackson and Bobby Brown with the advent of music videos made me want to dance and perform like them. Of course after singing to a couple of songs (by myself) I knew I didn’t have the voice. Being only 11yrs old at the time gave me the opportunity to indulge in other aspects of the industry; learning saxophone through 10th grade, break dance classes, and paying attention to pop culture. 16yrs old changed everything! I could finally drive to clubs! By the time I was 24yrs old I’d played out the club and rave scene: spinning vinyl, throwing parties here and there, dancing in all the hot spots for free, networking, learning, growing. By this point I needed a change and decided to learn the world of recording. From here it’s been quite the journey I must admit. I’ve done sound and helped run the event for Michael Jackson’s birthday at Never Land in 03’, project managed at Henson Recording Studio in Hollywood, technical director for Pomplamoose, event set up for George Lucas to name just four.      

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Zaque Eyn is owner and operator of Funksville UFO and is now author of Mastering The Music Business; Creative Empowerment “It” Factor In The Music Industry

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