Online Music Marketing: 38 Metrics and 7 Tools To Measure ROI
January 17, 2010
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by Dexter Bryant Jr.

Using the Internet to market and promote your music is one of the most affordable ways to establish and build a following. The abundance of free tools and music-based social networks has made music marketing more accessible than ever for musicians around the globe. Rather than investing boatloads of cash into advertising, PR, and radio promotion, instead musicians invest their time. Through social networking and direct-to-fan engagement musicians can achieve remarkable results with online marketing.
The question that often comes up is how do you know if your online marketing is working? Also, how do you know where your marketing is the most effective?
ROI (“return on investment”) is a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or to compare the efficiency of a number of different investments. In the case of music marketing online, your time is your main investment. Tracking the results of your music marketing efforts online is crucial to figuring out where your time is being wasted and where it is best spent so that you can amend your actions accordingly.
Below I have listed 38 metrics for measuring ROI and 7 tools to measure with. Use this information wisely =)
  1. Number of subscribers on your mailing list
  2. Twitter followers
  3. Friends/fans on
  4. YouTube channel subscribers
  5. YouTube plays
  6. YouTube uploads of your songs by other users
  7. We Are Hunted chart positions of your songs
  8. Blog mentions or reviews of your music
  9. Backlinks (blogs and websites linking to your website or blog)
  10. Mixtape/album downloads
  11. Individual track downloads
  12. P2P downloads and sharing of your music
  13. BitTorrent downloads, seeds, and sharing of your music
  14. plays
  15. friends
  16. PureVolume friends
  17. PureVolume plays
  18. Facebook fans
  19. Twitter plays through or
  20. Plays and listeners on
  21. Plays on podcasts
  22. Plays on Internet radio stations
  23. Use of your music by DJs in online broadcasts or in night clubs
  24. Your songs featured on digital mixtapes by well-known DJs
  25. Online plays streamed longer than 30 seconds (on various music social networks)
  26. International audience: number of countries where people are engaging with your content (plays, downloads, reads, shares, subscriptions, etc) 
  27. ReTweets of your content (songs, mixtapes, articles)
  28. 100+ concentration of fans in a specific region (touring becomes viable in that region)
  29. Demand stats
  30. Digital singles sales
  31. Album sales
  32. Remixes of your music
  33. Attendance numbers for your live concerts broadcast on ustream.TV or similar networks
  34. Attendance numbers for your concerts in-person
  35. Number of credible professionals in entertainment, journalism, marketing, and other related industries who support your music (maintain a collection of quotes from these individuals)
  36. Customer and client testimonials
  37. Comments about your music on multiple social networks (positive or negative)
  38. Myspace plays, profile views, and friends
Use these web 2.0 tools to measure social engagement, identify fans, find hot markets, and gauge your band’s online presence and popularity:
  1. Music Xray -
  2. Band Metrics -
  3. Next Big Sound -
  4. RockDex -
  5. Topsy -
  6. Backtype -
  7. Trendrr -
About the author:
Dexter Bryant Jr. [d.BRYJ] is a Dance Rock producer and singer/songwriter. His primary areas of study are music business 2.0, music marketing, digital marketing, new media, and music publishing. Dexter helps companies expand their brand presence online and he’s currently the Digital Marketing Director of Dynasty Music Entertainment and DbryJ Music Media Group. Learn more @ 


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