Online Music Marketing Strategies for Indie Musicians 
June 27, 2014
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These days online music marketing is one of the most widely used forms of advertising and marketing used by musicians. But oddly enough most musicians do not have a plan in place as to how they plan on marketing their music. Most consists of random twitter and facebook posts, but have no strategy in place. I’m going to touch on a few things you can do right now to improve your music marketing. So here are 4 basic strategies you can put in place right now to take your online music marketing to the next level. 

1. Master a Few Proven Strategies Instead of Being “Good” at Several

Every day there is a new social website popping up. And many artists run to that new site and post all their information and where does it go? Nowhere. It is better to become a master of a few than to be good at many. For instance the three that I like to focus my time on is Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They all integrate extremely well, and so I can maximize my efforts. I also like to use a program called Hootsuite, because I can make several posts at once without ever going to a social page. This saves time logging in and the inevitable getting distracted by other posts. But what’s great is you can also post on others sites (keeping in contact) without the distraction that most of us artists (including myself) get lured into. Be sure to hit the G+1 Button on the upper left hand corner so you can refer to this article later on your Google + page and share it with your musician friends. They’ll appreciate it. 

2. E-Mails are an Indie Musician’s Best Friend

Most musicians know to collect e-mails on their website and at live shows, but did you know that you can use online strategies besides these two to collect e-mails as well? One of the best ways is to have a giveaway to those who sign up on your e-mail list. Maybe you give away free music. Or a secret video that no one else gets access to. There are a million ways to spin this, these are just a couple. Use an autoresponder when you capture e-mails and have that autoresponder do the work for you. Imagine the possibilities here. You should especially be capturing e-mails from those who buy from you. They are more likely to buy from you than anyone else. Many times people don’t buy on the first offer you give them. They may need to see your offer 14 times before they decide to buy. By consistently giving value on your e-mails you establish and build a relationship. You also give them the ability to buy with each and every e-mail. 

3. Give a Call to Action Every Time You Give Value Online

So what exactly is a call to action? A call to action is basically just giving instructions to your audience. It may be click like on this post, go to a website, or purchase an album. Be direct and obvious. That doesn’t mean you are pushy though. The key here is to give value on the front end, gain their trust, like, and respect and then give the call. It’s just like asking someone out on a date, or making a new friend. You wouldn’t go up to them and immediately ask for them to have lunch or dinner. You have to gain their trust first. There are a few ways to do this, but the best way is to tell your story. Let them get to know you and what you’re about. Share something about your band or your music that is really special to you. More than likely they will find it special too. Just like there is usually a story behind each song there is a story behind you. Another way is giving back to those who take the action. Give something in return. This shows that you value the actions that they take. Make it something that they truly want, not something you want to give them. Then give a call to action. If you want to learn more about giving a great call to action and improving your music marketing get 5 FREE video online courses here

4. Keep on Keeping On - Be Consistent with Your Music Marketing

Consistency is the best way to gain respect for what you are doing. Eventually you will be heard through consistent action. One of the biggest mistakes musicians make is to quit when they are three feet from gold. I know music is your passion or you wouldn’t be reading this. When I lived in Nashville, I breathed music and the music business. It was great to be in a city that encompassed so many talent people at both, and I learned a great deal there from hanging around like minded people in that respect. But one thing I wish I would have been told early on was the importance of hanging around positive people. There are so many giants and discouragers in this industry and there is nothing more important that staying positive and working daily toward your craft and the business. Don’t read articles that talk negatively about the industry. Don’t hang around people who drag you down. That is why I was inspired to create an atmosphere of empowered musicians through lifting up others and teaching ways they can live their dreams by doing what they love. Click on the link to learn more about marketing your music effectively

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About the Author: Sarah Popejoy is the owner of After learning the marketing ropes in Nashville, she has since moved to Dallas, Texas and works full time at helping other musicians achieve their dreams. Living the online lifestyle she works from home with her fiance, three cats, and two dogs. (All rescues besides her fiance.)


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