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May 1, 2014
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I am Nino Munaco, Editor and Blog writer for Ourtunez, the Music Network. Ourtunez is a free music streaming service that features Independent musicians. Any one can sign up, upload their music and instantly receive the benefits.

Your music will gain exposure through our website and app. New music discovery is missing in other music streaming services but Ourtunez excels in that department. Even our “mainstream” stations are full of independent artists who have signed up. They are being played alongside today’s (and yesterday’s) biggest artists. We even have a Comedy station where independent comedians can be discovered.

We are looking for people who want to be a part of this community of amazing artists. The relationships we build with independent musicians are strong, with love and appreciation going both ways. We do more than just provide our artists with a royalty rate; we give them the time and attention they deserve. All stations and playlists are curated by human beings, not computers (they don’t even have ears!) 

Check out the desktop version here: Ourtunez.com

Here is my blog, featuring our best indie artists (maybe one day I’ll write about you!): blog.ourtunez.com

Questions? Email me personally at nino@ourtunez.com

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