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Paina B Music Marketing is asking Indie Artists and Indie Labels….Who handles your marketing?

Music Marketing Company looking for new clients to “Promote to the next level”

(ATLANTA, GA), August 1, 2012 – Paina B Music Marketing is launching a new campaign “Who handles your marketing?” in hopes to recruit indie artists and labels to promote to the next level. This company is looking to take on new clients to provide quality marketing services to them in hopes gain exposure in the entertainment industry. Launched in December 2010, Paina B has worked with pop, rap, and R&B artists in providing ways to enhance their brand according to the artists’/label’s goals and objectives.

Headed by Music Marketing Executive, E. Alexcina Brown, MBA, Paina B Music Marketing utilizes market research, branding strategies, and guerilla marketing efforts to create the best campaign for each client. “Not all artists are the same, we have to remember that every person measures success differently so it’s best not to treat each client as a cookie cutter artist” she says. “This company prides itself in developing campaigns and strategies to market the artist without changing their overall image.”

The services provided by Paina B Music Marketing are as followed:

  • Consultations
  • Marketing plan/strategy development
  • Social media development/maintenance
  • Website maintenance
  • Media Kit development and distribution
  • Contest/Fan club promotions
  • New project release marketing plans/campaigns
  • Press Release writing and distribution

This company also extends its services to producers and songwriters as well, who are looking to gain necessary exposure to enhance their career objectives.

About Paina B Music Marketing

Paina B Music Marketing based out of Atlanta, GA which works to develop marketing strategies for its talent within the music industry.  Founded in 2009, Paina B now serves as a marketing provider for its clientele to have their works promoted to gain exposure of existing/potential fans, labels, and media.

For more information, visit the official website:!

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