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Perfect Pitch Piano: Learn to Play Piano by Ear

Perfect Pitch Piano is an iPad/iPhone/iPod game that teaches you to play piano by ear. 

It plays a melody and you play it back. The lessons get harder as you progress and even include songs like Amazing Grace and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. It’s great for beginners and expert musicians because it improves your ear for all instruments.

It has a 4-star rating on over 55 reviews on the App Store and was featured on the iTunes Music home page. The app has over 40,000 downloads. Here’s what the reviews are saying.

“Fantastic tool for musicians” - Peter Atkinson

This app is amazing for learning by ear” - Jovan Jackson

“So fun.” - mikako0217

“Great app to begin to learn to play by ear!” - Mully67


Visit the Perfect Pitch Piano website or on the iTunes page.

Here are 3 free promotional codes to download the app:

Perfect Pitch Piano was created by Brad Japser, a web/mobile app developer living in New York City.


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Apple suggests the iPhone developers that before indulging in iPhone app development you need to first decide which features are you going to include in your application.

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