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Aug062013 | ConcertsInYourHome launches its own "couch surfing" site

“Our home is always open to traveling artists, whether we can host them for an event or not.

Would love to try this.”

— Muriel, CIYH host


A bed, a hot meal, and good company - these can make all the difference after a long day on the road. (CIYH) has launched to build on the free lodging tradition of house concerts. An interesting twist, though, is that this site allows house concert hosts AND artists to be both travelers and Pillows hosts. In other words, hosts can reach out to other hosts for accommodations when they travel. They share a hobby, so it’s an easy way to make new friends and swap stories, as well as save money on travel. 

Similarly, artists in CIYH’s tight network can also reach out to each other for lodging, which of course provides ample networking opportunities as well.

The service is free for CIYH members who only want to be listed as a host. Travel privileges (where users make “Pillow Requests” are free for 90 days, and $50 per year thereafter. Again, this is only for members of CIYH… so far.

“Pillows is also designed to serve other communities, so we look forward to partnering with organizations that want to provide lodging perks to their members.” — Fran Snyder.

Organizational inquiries should be made at


 “We just experienced our first “PillowsCIYH” connection last night. We’re staying in John and Marlene’s beautiful home and couldn’t possibly be more relaxed and rested for our show tonight. What a great resource for those of us constantly on the road! Can’t thank you and our hosts enough.”
- Michael Shoup, CIYH artist and first Pillows success story





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