Podcast Franchising For Indie Labels
March 2, 2010
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If podcasts replace terrestrial radio (and they will) then podcast franchising is going to be a lucrative growth area in music business 2.0.

Indie artists and labels, already making the transition to marketing through blogs and podcasts, will migrate to podcasts en masse clamoring for new media exposure. Innovative marketing campaigns through these new media channels will infect people with viral fever and break new acts. The right campaigns will catapult unkowns into the spotlight and pave the way for the establishment of sustainable careers in music.

What if you—a music business entrepreneur—offerered services to indie label clients that guaranteed podcast play, exposure to thousands of potential customers, and a tailor-made new media campaign?

My company (d.BRYJ Music Media) does just that. Your business could, too.

Produce podcast franchises for indie labels and artists that feature their music exclusively. Get labels and other clients to sponsor the podcast franchises you produce for a contract period of  6-12 months.

Negotiate with your potential clients. Ask what their average annual marketing/advertising budget is. Then quote your prospect a price range for your services that is within their budget. Prove to them with logic and numbers that their ROI would be greater with podcast francshising than using funds in areas like print media, TV ads, and online banner ads.

Once the customer is sold on your service and their podcast franchise has been paid for, deliver a final package that includes distribution through iTunes, mobile apps, blogs, online radio stations, etc. Seal the package with authenticity using old school-style radio jock personalities, listener participation and UGC, band interviews and exclusive recordings, and more.

The 4 primary purposes of these podcast franchises are to:

  1. Entertain audiences.
  2. Promote great music.
  3. Provide contact info and URLs for bands, labels, and their business teams.
  4. Service your clients with exceptional value.

Podcast franchising holds tremendous value for the customer, the audience, and the service provider/producer (whose reputation, expertise, and music tribe that clients tap into all grow over time).

Labels on a tight budget don’t need to cut back on marketing, they need to reallocate funds from marketing channels that deliver lackluster results into podcast franchising and new media channels to boost their ROI.

Dexter Bryant Jr [d.BRYJ] is the go-to songwriter/producer of dance rock and electro crunk music for modern-day hippies. Dexter works as a digital branding consultant and digital content producer for indie bands and media 2.0 enteprises. He is the Digital Marketing Director of Dynasty Music Entertainment and d.BRYJ Music Media Group. Dexter blogs about music and business @ http://hitmusicacademy.wordpress.com/

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