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PRE SHOW MADNESS! 5 Things Not To Do the Day Of Your Show

When you start a band, there are a lot of things to worry about before playing your first show like rehearsal, promotion, starvation, etc.  Even if you have your sh*t together, there are still some things that you cannot prepare for.  So, for the sake of making your band huge and successful, here is a list of things NOT to do the day of your very first ever show! And yes, these are all based on true events…

1.  Do not count on the local American Apparel Store having plain black tshirts in your size.  And if the sales girl tells you, “Just buy a large and wash it.”  Do not assume you will have time to do f*cking laundry!  Yeah, we ended up wearing old, dirty T’s. Way edgier and starving musician-like.

2.  Do not schedule a hair appointment for you and your boyfriend/drummer for 3 hours before soundcheck. Actually Tom’s hair went well but when it came to doing my hair, lets just say purple-ish grey with a hint of not-so-pretty!  Thank you to whoever invented bleach… I would have been a reject Strawberry Shortcake doll without you!

3.  Do not forget to eat.  I know it’s important to look “light” on stage and all, but screw the whole “I’m just gonna have 7 almonds, caffeen, and tic tacs and hope I don’t faint before playing.”  Thank you Carls Jr., for being there when I needed you most!

4.  Do not fall on your face!  The good news is that I didn’t faint from lack of proper nutrition.  But I did eat ground.  Those of you who have been to the Three Clubs in Hollywood know of the infamous invisible step down to the bar.  Well, if you don’t, now you wont have to find out about it the way I had to.  I was on my way to the bathroom for a pre show moment alone and in a Chevy Chase pratfall kind of way totally ate complete sh*t on the floor.  Not only did I fall hard but I fell in front of a bar full of quiet couples listening to a live acoustic set of intimate love songs.  As I hobbled to the bathroom, I just thought, this is so not “rock star” of me.  I completely twisted my ankle 90 degrees. Of course it had to happen 5 minutes before going on stage!

5.  Lastly, do NOT panic!  If a slew of unfortunate and embarrassing events happen the day of your show, just go with it.  The truth is, I had to laugh and let it all go.  We must all come to understand the meaning of “the show must go on!”  Despite all the craziness, the band played amazing, the crowd loved it, and we totally brought the rock! In the end, that’s what I will remember most.

I’m still nursing an achy ankle but what’s a rock show without a battle wound, a stomach full of french fries, hair malfunctions, and dirty shirts?

Spewed by Katie Harris - The Open Feel

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