Press Release: A Brash! Blog Birthday Celebration
August 18, 2015
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Atlanta, GA – August 18, 2015 - BRASH! – A Music Marketing Blog began in August of 2011 with the notion of providing new/independent artists with music marketing knowledge to help advance their careers.. Since its beginnings, BRASH! has made a grand name for itself by sticking to its original notion along with giving independent artists exposure and displaying how the music industry is gaining innovation. Now celebrating its fourth year, BRASH! is looking to gain more ground to reach a broader audience, provide more content, and fulfill the vision of music marketing in the Indie music industry. “I remember sitting in an office cubicle writing blogs for this corporate company that I had no interest in. Then, I got the idea of writing my own, I wanted it to be helpful, I wanted it to be about music & entertainment, and I wanted it to be BRASH!” says founder/editor-in-chief E. Alexcina Brown. “My goal was to provide an outlet for great artists who were not fortunate enough to have that mainstream exposure.”

During its four years in the blogging world, BRASH! has gained various milestones which includes being featured regularly in Niji Magazine (UK Entertainment Magazine), getting recognized by Musicians Empowered as being named one of the Top 100 Music Industry Blogs, and BRASH! is now reaching readers in over 85 countries. Along this journey, BRASH! has been introduced to many artists within the Independent music sector from various genres. Pop, Gospel, RnB, Hip-Hop, & Alternative artists have all benefited from reading, engaging, and gaining features in BRASH!. This platform wants to use this exposure to show the positive sides of the music industry and the inspirational journeys of these artists on the road to success.

Earlier this year, founder and Editor-In-Chief, E. Alexcina Brown decided to expand BRASH! Blog to the magazine sector, launching the BRASH! Mag 2016 Project. This will help fulfill the original mission of BRASH! to provide music marketing “know-how” and give a media platform for Independent Artists and Independent Labels. This brand wants to highlight the great things that are being produced in the underground music scene. The expansion is not only aiding artists in the music industry, BRASH! is also reaching back to help others who would love to work behind the scenes in music/entertainment media by providing an opportunity for young, passionate learners to build their resume in media, music & entertainment. For more information on working with the BRASH! Mag 2016 project email

Readers of BRASH! Magazine are to expect the same foundation of providing music marketing content along with adding elements of highlighting more independent artists, independent labels, and professionals in the fashion market. BRASH! Magazine is set to launch in the spring of 2016. The BRASH! team is currently working tirelessly to make a grand entrance in the online publication world.

About BRASH! - A Music Marketing Blog
BRASH! – A Music Marketing Blog is designed to provide artists with knowledge of music marketing as well as various trends and hot topics within the Music Industry. The goal of BRASH! is to provide a different point of view on specific topics along with providing ideas for different avenues available to take in music career endeavors. This blog also give Indie Artists a chance to gain press by highlighting/featuring them with an exclusive interview in the “BRASH! Artist Spotlight” segment. Readers will have the ability to provide feedback as well as subscribe to interact and stay informed. For more information, visit


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