Radio Stations Are Looking For Their Next Big Summer Hit
June 1, 2016
Janette Berrios in Radio, digital radio, new music, new releases, radio, radio music, summer music

In May and June radio stations will be looking for the next hot summer song. In relation to this we’d like to ask you to upload and plug your summer-related releases asap.

Each release that will be plugged between 1 May and 1 July will receive a “music in the spotlight” spot on our homepage for four weeks!

Please note that the “music in the spotlight” spot is only given to summer- related releases – songs with a summer vibe or lyrics about the summer, happy and bright covers, etc.

Plug your next hot summer song to more than 30, 000 radio stations worldwide and make sure all listeners get those warm summer vibes after listening to your music!

Sign up here and receive also 10% Symphonic discount. Questions, comments? Contact Marvin, Head of A&R @ iPluggers via

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