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Radiohead team-up with legitimate ticket exchange

Radiohead recently bought some exciting tour news to music fans in the UK, after announcing large arena shows in London and Manchester.

However, a more interesting development for many was the fact that the band also announced that they will be teaming up with the Ticket Trust (a legitimate ticket exchange) to allow fans to sell tickets to other fans at face value if they are unable to go to the gig.

A recent documentary on Channel 4 (in the UK) called The Great Ticket Scandal showed that tickets on secondary ticketing website Viagogo were sold by concert promoters and/or large scale professional ticket resellers. This obviously resulted in fans paying ridiculous amounts of money to snap up tickets.

Radiohead’s management have made a good decision here, trying to ensure that fans are not ripped off and exploited by promoters on this short UK tour.

I hope other bands/management teams follow this example!

Andrew Parker is the editor and music journalist at indie music website Electric Banana.


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