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Rage Against the Machine Breaks the 'Status Quo' it's what the Nex Gen Music Biz Needs 

Todays success of Rage Against the Machine beating X factors Joe and preventing the usual Simon Cowell controlled Christmas No 1 here in the UK  is a welcome change for many.  We need it!

Change can be a good thing for all sorts of reasons.  So I’m all up for change, how about you? But embracing change is what can make the real difference especially for those involved in making the music.

If you’re involved in making music as a musician you know that ‘fan engagement’ is still the talk of the town as mentioned in a recent post on MTT (here). Obviously there is no one formula, no ‘one size fits all’ if anything there is I think to much analysis - not enough ‘do’ in the Music DIY world. 

If your in a band, songwriter, music producer get on with making great music - market it - do whatever it takes to be successful.  Use the available ‘tools’ and technology the internet has made available but dont be a slave to it - the internet is just a tool to be used like many others.

It’s time to break the status quo that seems to be permeating the Music DIY Nex Gen Music Biz world that seems to be saying something like: “Now we have all the tools we ever dreamed of BUT because the’re available to every man, woman and child, plus Charlie and his dog! every music maker or artist must be happy with a little share of the pie” SOD THAT!

This is not the time to be saying “I’ll settle for less” This is the time to embrace change. Look not everyone is a brilliant, genius artist or songwriter, that in itself takes work, development, dedication. These are the music makers that will break through.  They will be the ones to break the status quo.

So lets get on with breaking the staus quo, as an artist, musician or band, get organized, aim-high,  mediocre is not good enough, you need to be amazing, your music needs to be fantastic! give me something memorable!

Yes use the internet and make it work for YOU!  This is not about “Oh I can do that, easy, chuck it up on the web and everybody is gonna buy into what I do!” I think there is a lot of this online….. let’s face it there is an enormous amount of mediocre music especially online.  Please give music lovers and fans (you’re probably one of them) a little more respect.

Give me something GREAT musically that I want to BUY or become a part of, give me something memorable…something I want to get involved with. 

OK I’ve RAGED on a bit here, but I really believe it’s possible for those that have ‘what it takes’ to really have significant success with the Music DIY approach in the Nex Gen Music Biz so do you have what it takes to “Make it Happen” No doubt I will be hearing about you shortly……


Kevin J Ryan is a music biz veteran and entrepreneur.  For more info and background on Kevin go here

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