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Recording Session--Live Online...

In the recording studio, I’ve always relied on a producer to be my extra set of ears and coach—listening to my playing as it sounds to the microphone and giving me objective feedback, encouragement and challenge.  Since recording is a process I greatly enjoy, I also like being in the role of producer to help artists realize their vision in the studio.  

Recently, I had the privilege and pleasure of working in the studio as producer for pianist Frederic Chiu.  Frederic is a consummate artist—not only a virtuoso pianist, but a visionary who thinks about and hears music on a profound level. When Frederic first told me about this project, I was captivated by his vision.  It was soon apparent to me how and where this recording should take place. Manifold Recording studio is wonderfully aligned with Frederic’s vision for “Hymns and Dervishes.”

Photo: Mark Manring,

One interesting aspect of these sessions was the fact that they were streamed live online for fans, friends, and colleagues to experience the recording process and be introduced to this unique music.  Manifold owner Michael Tiemann created an optimal Ustream setup, switching cameras between Frederic at the piano in the studio room, to the control room where we listened to the recorded takes. The streams are archived here — you can view them on YouTube and see what was broadcast during the sessions.  During breaks, Frederic was even able to respond to some viewer questions and comments during the two days the stream was live.

The opportunity to perform or to teach live online is growing daily. Whether a glimpse into a world-class recording studio/session, taking music lessons online or hearing a concert, live music is happening within our grasp constantly.   

Have you had experiences performing or teaching live online?  Please share! 

Author:  Philip Amalong  | Pianist, Recording Artist, Producer, Educator, Online Music 

VP Community and Content | The ZOEN  



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