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Rock The Biz: documentary finally online for free!!!

Finally we made it! After two years of hard work, a crazy tour through Europe, many postproduction problems and selecting the most interesting statements of about 20 people we interviewed, Rock The Biz - the documentary abou the new music business in Europe - is finally online!

Get to see the 11 chapters for free, download them, share them (Creative Commons, non commercial license). Professional bands, artists, labels and player in the european music business give interesting insight views about making money on music beside major label strategies.

The chapters are:

  1. The Music Crisis
  2. Indie vs Major
  3. Selfrelease
  4. New Media
  5. Copyright
  6. GEMA (german RIAA)
  7. Future of CD and vinyl
  8. Livegigs
  9. Income
  10. Future of music
  11. Hints and tricks

The documentary is subtitled in english

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