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Rock The Biz-Trailer: Independent documentary about the new music business

In June 2009 german radiohost Marc Weissenberger and a group of young SAE audio and digital video students travelled through Europe to interview several independent labels, musicians and player in the music business, that go alternative ways and generate their income!
The interviewed people were: THE WHIP (band), AUDIOLITH REC., CREATIVE COMMONS (Germany), MINIPLI (band), GRAND HOTEL VAN CLEEF (record label), PEOPLEZAPPING (online streaming TV), DOOLOAD.DE (netlabel), THE FINEST NOISE (rec.label), NOM DE GUERRE (band), ELEKTROBOYS (band), TRAUMKAPITÄN (band) , SCHNURSTRACKS-REC. , BANDOLOGIE.DE (bandcoach), REGIOACTIVE.DE (music-portal), TROUBLE OVER TOKYO (musician), OPEN MUSIC CONTEST, FMN-MUSIC (DJ, musician), FRED NUMF (DJ), BIKINI MACHINE (band).
They talked about “internet-marketing”, “self-release”, “indie- vs majorlabel”, “hints for musicians”, “the future of music” and many more. The documentary will give an open minded insight view in the european alternative and succesfull music business.
The moviemakers financed the movie on their own in cooperation with some SAE audio- and digital video-students.
The documentary called “Rock The Biz” will be released in january 2010, free available via the internet.
Right now the movie-trailer is online:

youtube :


Reader Comments (1)

Cool! Can't wait to see it :-)


November 27 | Registered CommenterEndy Daniyanto

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