Rock The Biz - watch all about: "Tips&Tricks", "Future Of Music", "Income" and more
April 1, 2010
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Finally all our chapters of Rock The Biz - the documentary about the new musicbusiness in Europe - are online. Feel free to watch here 4 further chapters for free:

Tips & Tricks:

Professional musicians, labels and player in the musicbusiness give hints, on what to focus, go’s and no go’s and many more

Rock The Biz - The Movie: Chapter 11 “Tips & Tricks” from rockthebiz on Vimeo.


The Future Of Music:

A look in the possible future of music business

Rock The Biz - The Movie: Chapter 10 “The Future of Music” from rockthebiz on Vimeo.



How and how much do the interviewed artists earn?

Rock The Biz - The Movie: Chapter 9 “Income / Einkommen” from rockthebiz on Vimeo.


In the documentary we interviewed the following people: The Whip (GBR), Trouble Over Tokyo (GBR / A), Bikini Machine (F), FMN-Music (GER), Nom De Guerre (SE), (GER), (GER), (GER), Minipli (LUX), Traumkapitän (LUX), schnurstrax-records (LUX), Audiolith-Records (GER), Grand Hotel Van Cleef Rec (GER), Creative Commons Germany, Fred Numf (NL), (GER), finestnoise-records (GER), (GER)

Feel free to watch and download all 11 chapters at

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