Royalty Exchange Expands, Offering Exclusive Private Sales & Auctions for Sought After High-End Music Catalogs
March 11, 2015
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RALEIGH, N.C., March 5th 2015 — Royalty Exchange, the world’s leading music and energy royalties investment marketplace, has announced a private music royalties division focused on connecting its growing publisher network and ultra-high-net-worth investors to high-profile large-scale music royalties and publishing catalog assets.

Initially established to publicly serve a marketplace where smaller investors could invest from $10,000 to $100,000, Royalty Exchange has now expanded to meet new demand in the high-end music royalties and publishing catalog arena.

“We identified that there are still inefficiencies in the marketplace around selling publishing catalogs,” said Sean Peace, Royalty Exchange CEO.  “By combining the use of our ARIA platform at ( to assist in the packaging of catalog revenues with our large network of Publishers and Investors, we have created a highly efficient platform that reaches the broadest audience possible for anyone wishing to sell their catalog privately as a direct sale or using our exclusive private auction.”

“We are focused on providing tools that enable greater liquidity in the marketplace,” said Sean Daley, VP of Marketing at Royalty Exchange. “ARIA is one such tool, and it is groundbreaking. It not only helps sellers, but potential buyers, as it provides third party verification in an interactive reporting environment, allowing quick due diligence and faster purchase decisions.” 

“We will definitely continue offering the lower-dollar public music royalties auctions, as there is still a strong appetite and marketplace for those assets,” said Peace. “We are simply now in a position to offer these additional services to those who have already come to us and asked for them.”


About Royalty Exchange
Founded in 2011, Royalty Exchange is an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of royalty revenue streams in music, entertainment, publishing, patents, and trademarks. This alternative investment platform was created to open up access to these highly lucrative assets and offer liquidity to the market. Royalty Exchange is owned and operated by veteran royalty rights experts and is advised by global leaders in the legal, financial and technology industriesRoyalty Exchange can be found at and ARIA can be found at sister site

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