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Save on Merchandise and Promotional Materials with Online Coupons

In today’s competitive music marketplace you will need to do everything you can to stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately for many bands, money isn’t always in abundant supply. If you’re in the “I need to promote my band but I don’t have any money” boat, then feel free to make use of these marketing tips and be sure to get the best deal by using online coupons for Vistaprint deals. After all, every penny you save, is a penny you don’t have to earn!

Band Logo

The golden era of the band logo is probably behind us, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need one. When I stop and think about my favorite bands I am hard pressed to think of any one specific logo or image that symbolizes the group as a whole. I am more aware of their name and the art associated with my favorite albums. For this reason, a logo is useful and it’s wise practice to produce memorable artwork and logos that are specific to albums. As a result it’s a lot easier to brand them as creations by the band. Visual imagery is far easier to remember than words whether written or spoken.

Business Cards

Business cards aren’t dead! And in fact, they’re incredibly useful, even in our modern digital era.  This is because as a physical piece of marketing media they’re not as easy to lose or forget. Imagine you’re out on the town with friends, whether just for fun or after a show. Whether you run into someone well known in the music business, or simply meet some new people you’d like to share your sounds with you’ll be in a better spot with a wallet full of band branded business cards. Hand one to each person you meet as a means of casting your net. Because, simply put, you never know who may come calling or who will end up passing that card onto a friend of a friend. Your big break could literally be just a business card away!


Creating unique merchandise and offering it for sale at every gig, concert, or show is absolutely necessary. Everyone loves t-shirts, they’re always fashionable, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. This makes them a pretty wise investment for any band looking to sell merchandise at their shows. It’s no secret that t-shirts and other products are big money makers for bands. Cultivate a devoted following and you’ll be sure to sell hundreds, if not thousands, of shirts per show. At $25 a pop the profit margin on shirts is pretty high for any band, especially when you saved money with an online coupon.


Marketing your band will help increase your exposure, which opens the door of opportunity, and opportunity lends you the chance to share your music with the world. If you’re looking to save money, make use of online coupons whenever you can. It’s no secret that they’re out there, but sometimes the hard part is finding them.

Annie Harrington is a small business owner and freelance writer. In her free time she enjoys going to shows, listening to music, and finding new bands online. She is an avid penny pincher who loves helping bands promote themselves without breaking the bank.

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