Social Media Tools - Live Music Event Marketing
June 13, 2011
Svetlana Isayeva in Marketing, live music, marketing, social media

An overwhelming abundance of live show promotion tools, created a bit of a fatigue in the independent artist community. This is NOT one of those facebook apps which make your life difficult and clutter your profile. Thrillcall is the fastest growing live event database on the web. Their mission is to make sense of the live show data clutter on the web and provide live music fans with the best quality data out there. They have also accumulated a large knowledgebase of live event marketing Do’s and Dont’s. From this very knowledgebase comes their latest creation the Thrillcall Nucleus

This event marketing tool is designed to help artists save time while promoting events and content on all major social networking sites. Thrillcall’s Nucleus will automatically create structured events on facebook, fitting seamlessly into the site’s infastructure without adding any additional tabs (same for Twitter and MySpace). Most importantly, it will alert their rapidly growing live music fan base.

Follow this link to apply for a free account and start engaging a brand new audience. 

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