Soundcloud, Fan Growth, & Music Discovery!
August 1, 2013
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Soundcloud fan growth and music discovery? Let me count the ways!

There are no shortage of sites competing to host your music from Reverbnation and Purevolume to Soundcloud and Myspace. What separates the good ones from the great ones is the facilitation of growth. Some sites you get 100 plays and it can spiral into thousands, other sites 100 plays is just 100 plays. Many of my fellow artists have the misconception of Soundcloud just being another place to post music. They undervalue or, in most cases, don’t even acknowledge it’s ability to facilitate growth and discovery. They inspired me to put together this list of the top 4 things Soundcloud does to expand the reach of your music and facilitate fan growth and music discovery.

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#1 Listening

Every time somebody listens to your song on Soundcloud, provided they’ve linked their Soundcloud and Facebook accounts, the song gets broadcasted to their Facebook profile page offering extended reach.


Adds the song to a playlist comprised of all the other songs on Soundcloud a user has”Liked” [ for artists this act passively promotes your music by posting a tweet to the account of the user notifying their followers that they’ve “Liked” your song with a link to it on Soundcloud which results in extended reach]

#3 Repost

Syndicates the song to the news feeds of a user’s followers [for artists this act results in extended reach]

One day I logged-in to Soundcloud and a fellow artist friend of mine by the name of Joe Goldie had Reposted a song by a group called We Are King World Wide “Hey”. I respect Joe Goldie’s taste in music so I checked the song out and it made a BIG impression on me. I tweeted the song directly to other people I knew would really appreciate it, then I went to Youtube to see if they had any videos and subscribed to their channel. I followed them on Twitter, added their music to my favorites on Souncloud, and if I wasn’t broke I would’ve bought their EP.

#4 Sets

Gonna be my theme tune: Lost With Dreams by @iamthegif via #soundcloud — Futurespace magazine (@futurespacemag) December 7, 2012

You can create playlists called “Sets” and add songs you find on Soundcloud to those playlists. New playlists are syndicated to the news feeds of followers [for artists if a user has a strong following on the site and adds you to a playlist or you get added to a playlist featuring popular songs it can facilitate discovery and bring you new fans.]

My song “Lost with Dreams” was added to a Playlist called Seasick on land which featured the work of a lot of other notable acts such as Nas with Daughters and Robyn with Dancing on My Own. As a result I received a jump in the number of plays for that song as well as followers. One user took to Twitter to profess his love of the track, more than once, as every now and then he’d mention me in a Tweet about listening to it and how much he loved it as you could see in the Tweet above.The song got added to another playlists by another user and continues to gradually reach more listeners on Soundcloud.

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