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Los Angeles – Amanda Marie uses her 20+ years of musical talent to sing for a variety of non-profit organizations but it’s only possible after a diagnosis of Celiac Disease (auto-immune disease & gluten intolerance). So what’s Celiac? An allergy to gluten, wheat, flour, barley, & hops.

Physical complications inhibited Amanda Marie to sing & perform optimally until the recent diagnosis of Celiac. The overall vitality is affected; voice inhibited coupled with esophageal problems for singers suffering from Celiac is common.

Through this discovery along with a strict gluten-free diet, Amanda Marie is now able to focus on wellness & humanitarian causes.  Amanda Marie donates her singing to help stomp out child sexual abuse, eliminate women’s & children homelessness and raise awareness for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society by singing at benefit concerts for non-profits. She finds it essential in giving-back to the community, in order to continue on her own path of wellness.

Amanda Marie’s full expression of wellness comes full circle; she’s been able to record her debut CDAmancipation,” continue songwriting collaborations, attend music conferences, etc. allowing her to stay close to her music passion but staying away from Gluten!

About Amanda Marie Music:

Amanda Marie is a balladeer singer ~ a young Susan Boyle vibe, inspired by Eva Cassidy & Josh Groban, sprinkled with Indigo Girls harmonies.  Amanda Marie has her listeners encounter classic music in a new way by turning rock songs into ballads!

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